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About us

For more than 50 years our gem-cutting factory in Mörschied close to Idar-Oberstein, has been a valued partner on the national and international gem stone market.

Variations of minerals and gem stones, such as cufflinks, ringstones, cabochons, fantasy forms, inserts for writing instruments, inserts for jewelry for men and women and much more, are processed by an experienced team. Even exceptional laser engravings, ultrasonic shaping, drillings and millings are being manufactured in our own cutting factory.

We are known for high quality and precision and are also eager to satisfy individual wishes from our clients - may it be in small or large series.

Our products

The variety of our products is as broad as our manufacturing possibilites. We offer from our own cutting factory:

Standard and fantasy cut







Ultrasonic shapings

Laser engravings

Our variety of stones

A selection of our stones

Agate Amber Amethyst
Aragonite Aventurine Blue Spinell
Bronzite Bulls Eye Caholong
Carbon Carnelian Chalcedony
Coprolite Country Jasper Dumortierite
Epidot Gagat Glass
Golstone Green Agate Haematite
Hawk Eye Heliotrop Hydrothermal Quartz
Jade Jasper Kristall
Labradorite Lapis Lemonchrysopras
Lemonquartz Malachite Mammoth
Moss Agate Mother of Pearl Natural Agate
Obsidiane Onyx Phrenite
Rhodochrosite Rhyolite Rose Quartz
Slate Smoky Quartz Sodalite
Spektrolite Stoned Wood Striped Calcedony
Synthetic Cat Eye Tigereye Tigeriron
Turmalinquartz White Agate Yellow Agate

Company history

In 1952 Manfred Schwinn, founder of the company, started grinding diamonds in a basement room of his parents' house. Due to a negative economic development in the "Diamond Grinding" sector", the company readapted its strategy in 1959 and started focusing more on Gem Grinding. Once this restructuring took place, more and more people started to grind agates and dimension stones.

In 1968 Manfred and his wife Leni Schwinn, who still works for the company today, moved to a new house with their two kids. The grinding shop was situated in the basement and soon it was impossible to fit all the machines and tools. That is why a separate company building, located right next to the house, was inaugurated in 1978.

In 1991 the management was handed over to Manfred's and Leni's son Frank Schwinn. In the meantime, the established company building had to be enlarged. 15 years later, in 2006, the premises were again too small and the production building had to be enlarged a second time.

Founder Manfred Schwinn died in 2012. Until his death he never stopped working at the grinding shop and always contributed new ideas, visions and experiences.

Since 2014 the company has been integrating drill and ultrasonic productions in the manufacturing process to be able to respond better to the special wishes and visions of clients.




Manfred Schwinn

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